The Royal Tutor – 05

This show is so beautiful so pure so precious. Of course everyone keeps being their same old self’s but this time Licht has to perform better on the exam they took at the beginning, since he’s not really good at studying his dad, the king, decides it would be best to give him a 3 day ultimatum, if he doesn’t get a 60 or above, he’s not fit to be king anymore. So the royal tutor get’s to tutoring him during the afternoon. The great thing is that everyone pitch’s in and helps him study, giving him tips and being really nice to him. They find way’s to make him understand like sub-trackĀ 250 chocolate pies and see how many he has left. Things like that. But under pressure he’s not able to tell you how much is 1+1,

Anyway, this show is just the best I continue to love it. It’s just so much fun to watch, I keep finding myself having a blast with this show. Also I’m alway surprised when the middle point of the show, is placed on screen. Meaning I don’t even see the time, it just fly’s by. That’s actually a good thing it means the pacing of the show is really quick, even though it might feel like it’s not quick.

Of course shananings ensue and everyone makes fun of Licht. But it’s all lighthearted humor, and that’s okay that’s actually one of the strong suites of the show. Also Kai is my child. Protect him at all cost!

Also before you go, the King and the Royal tutor have some kind of mystery together, and they used to drink the night away. So my theory is! They are all adopted, and the royal tutor and the king are gay for each other.

hahah as if. ,D