Kado: The Right Answer – 04

This show get’s more and more interesting with each episode. I think this show is perfect to watch in a weekly fashion, mostly because it’s a slow paced show, but it’s premise is actually really interesting. Before the episode even started I was wondering what was going to happen with the rest of the world and how are they reacting to this alien invasion. And the episode delivered. We got to see diplomatic activity within the UN, and Yaha-kui zaShunina opinion on what countries are. Which of course are a understated concept for him. Only makes me wonder what kind of place his homeland is. Not only that it was kinda funny to see how Yaha-kui zaShunina interact’s with our human technology.

The episode itself was a little slow, but that didn’t stopped me from enjoying the episode as a whole. Also I really want to see more of this UN debating action. Of course during the course of the negotiation’s the UN decides that Japan should give up all of their acquired WAM to the UN, and the UN will know what to do with it. But of course that’s not what Kado want’s. What he want’s is for everyone to have the WAM. So what does he do? He contact the crazy doctor who will help him make humanity understand and use the WAM for good! Humanity is so stupid, like we get infinite power from a god like alien and we don’t know what to do with it! And that’s just how it is. I like how this show is constantly surprising me, taking it’s concept’s in a straightforward direction rather than trying to be all action and movie like. Aliens are invading us! Let’s attack them back!

Great job humanity.

Kado: The Right Answer – 03

And suddenly it got really good for me. Every time I watch an alien movie or something with aliens, I’m always thinking. Why are they here, what do they want? Kado seems to answer all of those questions right of the bat. How Yaha-kui zaShunina was able to communicate, and how he communicates through higher communication, why are they here and how did they get here and why specifically did they decide to land in this specific area. All of the questions answered in this episode. Sometimes it’s hard to answer all of the questions because you take away some of the mystery of the show but I think in the end it managed to still have mystery while answer some of my burning questions.

But you know that’s just some of the power’s of this show. I felt like this episode the animation was not so jarring, maybe they got their shit together and finally figured out what type of animation they’ll use. I mean the 2D to 3D pop was still there, but not as notorious. Anyway, I loved this episode, for all the weirdness that was going down and also all the explaining they did.

Kado: The Right Answer – 02

This show even after its premiere continues to use 2D animation mixed with 3D animation. Like previous show’s that have tried this the animation is still to jarring. fortunately the story is interesting enough to keep me distracted from it.

Like berserk this show constantly flips between 3D animation and 2D animation for characters. Here’s the thing, Japanese animators believe that 3D animation should be treated the same way they treat 2D animation. But that it’s not the case. Character who don’t move in 3D constantly jar up the experience because of their fluid movements. While 2D animation can look quite good even if the characters are not moving in some frames. While the same does not apply for 3D.

Using a mixture of the 2 has always been a challenge, since the late 90’s movies like Sinbad and The Road to el Dorado use 3D for big set pieces while their characters stay in 2D. This show does not follow that logic. Instead of having big set pieces in 3D, like when Kado get’s reveled or the animation for the cube, that would be in 3D. And I would have no problem. My problem is that they use 3D and 2D in the same scene for different characters. As I’m watching I’m thinking 2D animation is being used for minor characters while 3D seems to hold the superior motive for the animators. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, all I’m saying it looks bad.

3D animation in Japan seems to be stuck in the past, Japanese animators seem to want to portray a style across the board for all studios. I think when it comes to 3D, each studio should find their own style and look for something that looks good, rather than something that looks the same. The same happened for 2D animation, everything looks the same, apart from some studios that try to actually go into their character design and make conscious decisions as to what exactly makes a 2D character look good, while still trying to make that character look anime-ish. TOEI and Polygon are the Japanese animation studios that dominate 3D, or at least studios that produce good content with 3D animation. In my opinion that doesn’t mean they should look to imitate each other.

Oh and the episode was quite good actually, with just the right mixture of answers and questions. The cube is still interesting and Shindo and Yaha-kui zaShunina (or whatever the hell his name is) make a good partnership. Also are they trying to hard to ship Shindo with his coworker? idk…

At least it’s better than Berserk, oops sorry not sorry.