Kado: The Right Answer – 05

I’m really enjoying the depth of the story, it’s certainly a story about alien’s but not your typical story. I like how Yaha-kui zaShunina instantly knew who he was going to choose to find out how the Wam works. And he instantly knows what to do about that plan and how to make it work. I like how he’s really smart like that. Also humanity now has the potential to make Wam’s so everything is going to change. It’s a revolution like the prime minister said. I like that this is a political drama about aliens invading earth. I really like political dramas for some reason, especially if they’re well made.

War… War never changes. xD

Right, but this show certainly changed it up a little bit. The fact that Yaha-kui zaShunina comes with clear intention’s for humanity is quite refreshing, I’m kinda sick of the whole aliens come to invade earth and kill everything in it’s wake, I mean be a little bit more creative, you know?

Anyway, this show certainly has it’s good moment’s, but the pacing of the story and how quickly it’s advancing it really just a testament to the show itself, a political drama with good story and good pacing is just rare to find. Plus watching it week by week, give’s me the perfect opportunity to concoct idea’s in my head theories about what’s going to happen next in the story. The show doesn’t necessarily give a cosmic horror vibe to it, more like a sophisticated horror to it. Yet it’s not horror per say, it’s certainly cosmic though. The technology and the refreshing ideas behind it make it a great watch, week by week episode by episode.

As to what actually happened in the episode, Yaha-kui zaShunina leaves Shindo with the scientist girl to discover how the Wam works and he goes with the prime minister to to give him details that convince him to give all the Wam to the UN, of course Japan knows that the Wam is an infinite resource, thing’s that not everyone understand’s, they hold a press conference to tell the world about this, the subtle details like how the prime minister says, that given the press of the situation they are going to give full internet access to the media, meaning they can upload the conference to the internet, something that the USA is not to happy about. If everyone has the Wam, it’s a super race to become the next superpower. I really like that they seemed to have debated the script before writing ,if anything this show has really good writing.

Room Mate – 03


Okay so rock climbing dude had like one line, WTF ?! And this other dude was all like, I wanna be more dependent on you. Oh right and of course you cook food for them because you can’t stand them eating convenience store food anymore. What are you doing? Let them starve! And only cook for rock climbing dude, he’s the best dude! The other’s are just pretentious little shits! Knock them out, you have no competition.

Actor-kun is just so pretentious and he tries to be nice but in reality he has a deep secret and that’s why you should stay away from him. Meanwhile meganekun doesn’t know what’s wrong with life, he doesn’t have it hard so he’s unreliable as well. Meanwhile Rock climbing dude works hard and knows hardship you can see it if you stare behind his eyes! So he’s the better one, he won’t leave you went things get rough, but whatever, it’s your choice.

Why are you trying to get together with the other dude’s you are seriously so stupid. Whatever, you know megane-kun is up next~degozaru.

The Royal Tutor – 04

Oh goodness. This show is such a wonderful show full of happiness and joy. Nothing can take it away from me. This episode all the prince’s go to town, nothing really happens, but they go shopping. Each buys whatever items suits their personality, but it was chock full of heartwarming moments. Even Licht decided to help someone else other than his own. Throughout the episode the prince’s gather a secret towards the tutor but non the less at the end it is reveled the wonderful surprise that they were harboring for him.

What a wonderful truly heartwarming show. I caught my heart fluttering over the character’s, and at the end how they treated the tutor was just so heartwarming and amazing. I think I’m love. Of course Kai continues to be my wonderful baby, I need him in my life, and the rest of them are slowly but surely warming up to me. I’m sure by the end of the series I’ll love all of them. The royal tutor continues to be a show I’m excited to watch every week. If you hated the character’s like me, well I love them now. But I love Kai the most.

Room Mate – 02

Hold on, excuse me? EXCUSE ME ?!

Rock climber dude, best dude.

Okay, so this episode the ending was uhm.. Explicit?! I’m not necessarily made uncomfortable by lewd or echii stuff. But this was a first. Basically all the guys magically lost their clothes and they were naked sitting around with each other. Okay, what!? Maybe I just didn’t pay attention last episode.

I mean to each their own, but oh my god this series just got intense.

Oh goodness. This episode we see how rock climber dude is struggling with his life because he is too good and he’s not interested in becoming a professional rock climber. But of course you cheer him on as you have a date with him on the rooftop.

I’m not in for this bullshit! He was my favorite of them all. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!

I wonder if each episode is going to deal with each character. Well I’m skipping the one with megane-kun because he still is a little shit, oh and the other one as well. Can we just have the series be all about rock climber dude? Thank you.

Boruto – 02

So I kinda was expecting this to happen but all the key animation went down the toilet. There were some good moments here and there but otherwise it really just went down the toilet. I mean it’s Boruto and they I was expecting good animation… Anyway. The story actually continues to be quite interesting. But to me Boruto is just a carbon copy of Naruto, except he has more redeeming qualities, as he struggles to constantly dissipate himself from his dad. But if only he knew he was exactly the same. Instead of causing problems Boruto now resolves them and in the provoking them. Which is nice but can that be kept up for however this series is going to run for? Who knows. Maybe we’ll get a nice fight some time down the line.

Boruto keeps my attention if only because of the other characters as they are actually very interesting. And figuring out who’s who is the most exciting part of it all. Frankly I have nothing else to say if only the animation was not very good. I would certainly like to do a blog post breaking down the animation of the show. But that’s for later.