My Hero Academia – 18

Oh Goody more of this!

This is one of those show’s I’m actually getting excited to watch every week, for some reason I’m getting really fidgety about the other shows, like with my thesis and work I only have time to watch my favorites. Since this comes out on Saturday it’s one of those show that I’m really getting into. The intro, the short story explanation everything is just in the right place for me to be pumped about watching it. I even do a little dance and sing the intro song. Non the less the cavalry battle comes to an end.

There was one thing that was going to happen for sure, and that was Deku advancing to the next stage, I mean he has to! He’s the main character. Everyone else can just suck it. But Deku is able to maintain his 10 ballilion point headband right until the very last second, when the bastard with rocket power legs uses his super fast speed to snatch the headband from Deku and claim the 10 ballilion points. Then only like 10 seconds remain and Deku goes forward and grabs a headband from him but it’s only 70 points. Finally the battle ends and it’s reveled who won first and who won 4th. The scarecrow reveals he took just enough points for them to be placed in 4th. It’s just a sigh of relief. Thank goodness Deku passes on to the next stage.

It’s kinda a running motif for the series, give Deku something really good and then take it away from him, in the process he is able to prove himself not only to us but to himself. Like this was the first episode he used one for all and was able to control it. He concentrated it into all of his arm and nothing was broken. I was more excited about that to be honest. And now it also seems like Deku has a new rival, it’s summer/winter guy. Deku is just making enemies left and right. Why can’t he make friends. Everyone is so competitive. I feel like they just need to chill a little bit.