Attack on Titan – 30

I was getting a little worried about the pacing, but it seems everything should be fine now.

Christa and Ymir seemed to have a lot of backstory that they wanted to focus on, this week’s episode was exactly that. We focused on Christa and Ymir and their relationship. The things they knew about each other before, why they gave them so much screen time is beyond me. Creating more questions that answers. In the end Ymir dies due to possible blood loss (?) but truly a worthwhile episode.

In the end, the whole crew comes in and fight’s the Titan’s really bad ass like. Truly how it Attack on titan was meant to be. The fight between the servi-corps and the Titan’s was really cool.

Meanwhile, in the backstory, Eren and the crew are preparing for training as they go in their winter adventures. Ymir and Christa get lost and don’t know how to get back. Ymir uses her powers to take their injured friend down the mountain. But¬†everything is fine now. I felt no emotion for Ymir, frankly she was always a character I never liked. She was apathetic and unlikable for me. But that’s just me, maybe someone else really likes her.

But okay I guess…

Christa doesn’t know a thing about her powers, Ymir tells her please leave to the fullest as you one day will. Because she is dead now! Christa reveals that her true name is Historia. But who is Historia to what king was she a daughter of. So many questions.

Kinda getting sick of all the questions, and kinda getting worried about the pacing as well.¬†It’s good how well paced attack on titan is, but overall, as in the overarching plot, it’s actually very slow.