Kado: The Right Answer – 02

This show even after its premiere continues to use 2D animation mixed with 3D animation. Like previous show’s that have tried this the animation is still to jarring. fortunately the story is interesting enough to keep me distracted from it.

Like berserk this show constantly flips between 3D animation and 2D animation for characters. Here’s the thing, Japanese animators believe that 3D animation should be treated the same way they treat 2D animation. But that it’s not the case. Character who don’t move in 3D constantly jar up the experience because of their fluid movements. While 2D animation can look quite good even if the characters are not moving in some frames. While the same does not apply for 3D.

Using a mixture of the 2 has always been a challenge, since the late 90’s movies like Sinbad and The Road to el Dorado use 3D for big set pieces while their characters stay in 2D. This show does not follow that logic. Instead of having big set pieces in 3D, like when Kado get’s reveled or the animation for the cube, that would be in 3D. And I would have no problem. My problem is that they use 3D and 2D in the same scene for different characters. As I’m watching I’m thinking 2D animation is being used for minor characters while 3D seems to hold the superior motive for the animators. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, all I’m saying it looks bad.

3D animation in Japan seems to be stuck in the past, Japanese animators seem to want to portray a style across the board for all studios. I think when it comes to 3D, each studio should find their own style and look for something that looks good, rather than something that looks the same. The same happened for 2D animation, everything looks the same, apart from some studios that try to actually go into their character design and make conscious decisions as to what exactly makes a 2D character look good, while still trying to make that character look anime-ish. TOEI and Polygon are the Japanese animation studios that dominate 3D, or at least studios that produce good content with 3D animation. In my opinion that doesn’t mean they should look to imitate each other.

Oh and the episode was quite good actually, with just the right mixture of answers and questions. The cube is still interesting and Shindo and Yaha-kui zaShunina (or whatever the hell his name is) make a good partnership. Also are they trying to hard to ship Shindo with his coworker? idk…

At least it’s better than Berserk, oops sorry not sorry.

Boruto – 02

So I kinda was expecting this to happen but all the key animation went down the toilet. There were some good moments here and there but otherwise it really just went down the toilet. I mean it’s Boruto and they I was expecting good animation… Anyway. The story actually continues to be quite interesting. But to me Boruto is just a carbon copy of Naruto, except he has more redeeming qualities, as he struggles to constantly dissipate himself from his dad. But if only he knew he was exactly the same. Instead of causing problems Boruto now resolves them and in the provoking them. Which is nice but can that be kept up for however this series is going to run for? Who knows. Maybe we’ll get a nice fight some time down the line.

Boruto keeps my attention if only because of the other characters as they are actually very interesting. And figuring out who’s who is the most exciting part of it all. Frankly I have nothing else to say if only the animation was not very good. I would certainly like to do a blog post breaking down the animation of the show. But that’s for later.

My Hero Academia – 15

Attack on Titan has some of the best animation this season, My Hero Academia is right up there with him. Watching my hero academia has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. As I’ve gone far beyond the anime in the manga, I can say I already know what’s going to happen, and I’m heavily attending the pace of the show. But other than that I’m really enjoying how well this show is animated. I think we’re seeing a trend with second seasons this year. Where they make us wait just a bit longer and we get spectacular animation from this show’s. I’d rather have good animation and wait a little longer for the show’s to come out. I’d rather have a good twelve episode show than a poorly animated 24 episode show. But this doesn’t seem to be the case with MHA as the animation got even better these episode. Anyway I’ve talked a lot about animation.

I really liked how we got to see everyone training for the UA festival instead of just cutting right to it. And my fire baby red dragon is getting more and more screen time. Maybe it’s just me but there defenitley placing Kaachan and Red Dragon baby more and more (like they’re giving them more screentime) Maybe they know that we ship them? Who knows.

Drink you’r vodka kiddo’s and watch Boruto or something.

Room Mate – 01

What the frickity frack didly wack criss cross fack is this shit !?

Hot rotten shit is what is it. Do you like anime where characters speak to you directly. Such as pillowboys. Well this is the show for you.

Let’s break down character archetypes. Because we all now they went for stereotypes instead of trying to create original and interesting characters.

From left to right. Your typical cute loving shojo type. Oh wait he’s an actor! So that’s new right.

The one in the middle. The strong silent type. He climbs rocks and is super strong ! Because he carries your pink luggage. Oh goody!

And the megane shit kun, he’s a shit! And I hate him because he think’s so good of himself as he walks out of the shower with nothing but a small towel on his hips. his pretentious little shit!


Royal Tutor Episode – 02

Why do I love Kai so much. ?

Oh my god this is the best episode yet. I thought it was gonna take longer to introduce  the characters. But I really like them, and especially Kai because he is such a sweet soul.

I just need more of him. Let’s have episodes of him just petting things okay thank you. Also Heine is hilarious of course. When they made fun of his height I wanted him to get mad and he did and it was the best thing ever.

That wan-chan was the best as well. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate wan-chan. Licht was also the best but he gives me the creeps. And Leonhard with his amazing brain powers. I love them all.

But Kai is my child. And I love him forever.