My Hero Academia – 18

Oh Goody more of this!

This is one of those show’s I’m actually getting excited to watch every week, for some reason I’m getting really fidgety about the other shows, like with my thesis and work I only have time to watch my favorites. Since this comes out on Saturday it’s one of those show that I’m really getting into. The intro, the short story explanation everything is just in the right place for me to be pumped about watching it. I even do a little dance and sing the intro song. Non the less the cavalry battle comes to an end.

There was one thing that was going to happen for sure, and that was Deku advancing to the next stage, I mean he has to! He’s the main character. Everyone else can just suck it. But Deku is able to maintain his 10 ballilion point headband right until the very last second, when the bastard with rocket power legs uses his super fast speed to snatch the headband from Deku and claim the 10 ballilion points. Then only like 10 seconds remain and Deku goes forward and grabs a headband from him but it’s only 70 points. Finally the battle ends and it’s reveled who won first and who won 4th. The scarecrow reveals he took just enough points for them to be placed in 4th. It’s just a sigh of relief. Thank goodness Deku passes on to the next stage.

It’s kinda a running motif for the series, give Deku something really good and then take it away from him, in the process he is able to prove himself not only to us but to himself. Like this was the first episode he used one for all and was able to control it. He concentrated it into all of his arm and nothing was broken. I was more excited about that to be honest. And now it also seems like Deku has a new rival, it’s summer/winter guy. Deku is just making enemies left and right. Why can’t he make friends. Everyone is so competitive. I feel like they just need to chill a little bit.

My Hero Academia – 17

This show continues to deliver on great episodes. I think I’ve managed to figure out what makes a great show. If you think about it, not a lot of things happen during the episode. I mean I’m not taking about the pace, rather, how much stuff actually happens. Rather, the episodes build to a cliffhanger and end on it. Leaving you wanting more and coming back next episode. That’s the important part, it’s great writing.

Non the less during this episode Midiyora discovers that no one wants to be with him because he’s worth a million bucks, I mean points. Not only until Ochako comes up to him and ask’s to form a team. Such a brave act on her part. They then start forming a team, of course Tenya delivers a powerful moment describing himself as Midiyora’s new rival. The Cavalry battle starts, while everyone tries to go for Midiyora, the B class student’s grab just enough points to survive. Everyone is shocked at their strategy

I just hope the animators or not being overworked.

My Hero Academia continues to be a strong contender for the Spring 2017 Anime Lineup!

My Hero Academia – 16

Midoriya is actually really cool in this episode.

The episode start’s with a little flashback to last week, but as soon as things get started they go really smoothly. Everything about this episode was absolutely brilliant. I especially loved how they decided to tone the explosions pink instead of having them be the normal explosion we see in every other anime. Not also that but the relationship between the commentators is just so funny to me. Personally I find training arcs to be a bit boring. This arc being a glorified version of when Midoriya has to prove himself to other and to the world. But actually how it’s being presented here is very interesting and each episode ends in a cliffhanger. So I’m really excited to see what happens next, as the anime will soon catch up to what I’ve read so far in the manga.

Also when they make the gag about recycling quirks, that was in the manga too! And how super fast thigh boy goes, I have to show my brother how cool I am And then the commentators go. That’s so uncool. Love it. 🙂

I must point out that the animation has been so good, it’s so silky smooth and buttery and just great. I love watching this show because it doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s like you sit down and you enjoy it. But that animation is by far one of the best this seasons.

Also red hair is my son! Yes in each series I have a son deal with it. But I don’t know his name! He’s just red hair for me. 😛 Anyway this show seriously can’t get any better. It’s already top 3 for this season.

My Hero Academia – 15

Attack on Titan has some of the best animation this season, My Hero Academia is right up there with him. Watching my hero academia has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. As I’ve gone far beyond the anime in the manga, I can say I already know what’s going to happen, and I’m heavily attending the pace of the show. But other than that I’m really enjoying how well this show is animated. I think we’re seeing a trend with second seasons this year. Where they make us wait just a bit longer and we get spectacular animation from this show’s. I’d rather have good animation and wait a little longer for the show’s to come out. I’d rather have a good twelve episode show than a poorly animated 24 episode show. But this doesn’t seem to be the case with MHA as the animation got even better these episode. Anyway I’ve talked a lot about animation.

I really liked how we got to see everyone training for the UA festival instead of just cutting right to it. And my fire baby red dragon is getting more and more screen time. Maybe it’s just me but there defenitley placing Kaachan and Red Dragon baby more and more (like they’re giving them more screentime) Maybe they know that we ship them? Who knows.

Drink you’r vodka kiddo’s and watch Boruto or something.