Eromanga Sensei – 02

I always get really confused uncomfortable when anime character’s talk about private parts. This show took it a bit far with the whole¬†I love dicks thing but meh whatever.

I’m really liking this show if only for the part that Izumi writes light novels and works in that industry. For me the character’s are nothing new, nothing particular that sets them apart. I do find very annoying that someone is very high strung and pretentious such as the girl up top. Which I forget her name. I instantly hate her because of how she is. But it’s just me that’s my preference. Some might find them funny other might just not give two quacks. But hey that’s just how it is.

On the other side eromanga-sensei is quite cute and charming, and I love how she get’s all flustered at how his brother get’s compliments from another girl. This show is definitely going through that incest route, hey we are brothers but were not actually brothers. Let’s have sex! Great. I’m not passionate about that trope but some people really like it. And this show provides enough of the light novel world for me to keep interested.