Boruto – 02

So I kinda was expecting this to happen but all the key animation went down the toilet. There were some good moments here and there but otherwise it really just went down the toilet. I mean it’s Boruto and they I was expecting good animation… Anyway. The story actually continues to be quite interesting. But to me Boruto is just a carbon copy of Naruto, except he has more redeeming qualities, as he struggles to constantly dissipate himself from his dad. But if only he knew he was exactly the same. Instead of causing problems Boruto¬†now resolves them and in the provoking them. Which is nice but can that be kept up for however this series is going to run for? Who knows. Maybe we’ll get a nice fight some time down the line.

Boruto keeps my attention if only because of the other characters as they are actually very interesting. And figuring out who’s who is the most exciting part of it all.¬†Frankly I have nothing else to say if only the animation was not very good. I would certainly like to do a blog post breaking down the animation of the show. But that’s for later.