Hataage! Kemono Michi [ENGI] – 2

It continues!

is that supposed to be a microphone?

So it continues, I was kinda worried that the show was not gonna be as funny as the first time around, but surprisingly it kinda was, I laughed out loud when that guy just went flying across the room and was stumped into a wall, and well basically because our protag has the personality and the excuses to be the way he is, and thus that’s what drives the comedy.

There was some minor hentai which for me is usually cause to drop a show, here, some notable contenders, but the girl was covering herself up so I’ll let is slide, and they did make a joke about it, like there’s a naked girl in front of him, and he rather cuddle up with the unicorn.

The episode start’s fairly normal they just talking in the bar, then they need money for some reason, oh to buy a house so that they can open a the pet shop, and then they decide to do some quest’s, that’s when they come across the salamander, which of course he befriends, then like a cut to some demon girl, which felt out of place, but okay, I was confused for a second, then more antics with protag and anime girl, then they fight some orcs, and it goes full wrestling even anime girl get’s hyped up, since they’re humans of course he just like, ugh fuck humans, then they finally buy the house they wanted so that they can hold their pet shop of their dreams, BUT, the bank will not lend them money to get their business started because they need 20% down on the loan. Something that is probably gonna be covered in the next episode.

So to recap this week’s episode, it was still funny, and I still liked it. A little weird, but like nothing bad, look as long as there’s no beasteality, because non summer anime, especially late night anime get’s more hardcore every year, I’m good, the moment this show betray’s me, I’m dropping it, I don’t care that I’m already invested, I came here for light hearted furry comedy fun, and nothing else! I like the protagonist he’s fun and bara, my two favorite combos.

There can be naked furry girls, there can be giant ant people, there can be girl on girl, I don’t care because I like the protag, but the moment you mess up with the protag, it’s all over!

Please don’t betray me, please.

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