Attack on Titan – 31

Okay what, excuse me? This episode started out really talkative, and suddenly cranked out the intensity to eleven. Suddenly everything is reveled, the Titan from season one, the one from the very first episode’s. It was hiding in their midsts all along. How is it possible no one noticed. And also the armored Titan is Reiner, what, I’m just confused and confounded. Suddenly everything was crashing down and then Bam! The episode ended in the most cliffhanger of all cliffhanger’s ever. Eren transforms into a Titan and you are just left wondering what the hell happened. I really liked how they handled this episode. Apart from all the exposition in dialog. There wasn’t anything else going on. It wasn’t until the Titan’s showed up that things got awesome.

it’s like. You get to be a Titan and you get to be a Titan! Titan’s for everyone. 

Things are slowly coming together pieces of the puzzle that we needed are now being handed over to use in small bites. Something that is good because it still keeps you hooked and you get to enjoy the story.

I’ll talk about the CGi titan in a minute, but Mikasa was a badass, she was like a dog sniffing out the earthquake before it even happened. It was like suddenly she went off on the other dudes and started making accusations. I was just surprised at how quickly she reacted, it was still awesome. Like Eren I was baffled at her adversity. I kinda love her.

Now the CGI Titan, why o why o why. Was the team trying to cut down on production budget, becuse that CGI was terrible. And what I mean by that is they took budget and placed it on the Titan when they should have had someone hand drawn it. I mean it was still pretty cool but the effects were jarring and took me out of the experience. Japan tries to focus everything on a single tight rope. Every production line has to be managed, their mentality that everything has to be the same in every way, anime has to look like anime and CG anime has to look like CG anime. See the thing is, it’s only when you break the boundaries that have been set, the boundaries that everyone has grown accustomed too. Break the rules be bold, it’s just I can’t fadom that Japan seems to be stuck in the past when it comes to CG animation, they seem to be unable to grasp how it works. Apart from notable exceptions, but those use motion capture, so it’s not like it’s animation.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled enough. Have a good day! 😀



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