My Hero Academia – 17

This show continues to deliver on great episodes. I think I’ve managed to figure out what makes a great show. If you think about it, not a lot of things happen during the episode. I mean I’m not taking about the pace, rather, how much stuff actually happens. Rather, the episodes build to a cliffhanger and end on it. Leaving you wanting more and coming back next episode. That’s the important part, it’s great writing.

Non the less during this episode Midiyora discovers that no one wants to be with him because he’s worth a million bucks, I mean points. Not only until Ochako comes up to him and ask’s to form a team. Such a brave act on her part. They then start forming a team, of course Tenya delivers a powerful moment describing himself as Midiyora’s new rival. The Cavalry battle starts, while everyone tries to go for Midiyora, the B class student’s grab just enough points to survive. Everyone is shocked at their strategy

I just hope the animators or not being overworked.

My Hero Academia continues to be a strong contender for the Spring 2017 Anime Lineup!


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