Attack on Titan – 29


Frankly I’m getting a little bit tired of all of these mystery’s!

But whatever it’s Attack on Titan, it’s premise is based on mystery. So Ymir is a Titan, but did she knew she was a Titan? How did she learn she could become a Titan. Nothing was hinted! Or maybe it was and I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, we have other things to discuss. When Reiner comes in contact with that mid class Titan, I was screaming and shouting at the top of my lungs, Don’t Die! Don’t Kill Him! It just seemed like they were trying to kill Reiner with all their might. Also is Reiner gay or what?

There’s an exchange between him and Ymir, You don’t seem to be interested in girls. She says to Reiner, and I mean we all know Ymir is gay. That much is obvious.

To Which he responds. Well you don’t seem to be interested in guy’s either. They are talking about themselves through each other in third person. But then the anime tries so hard to make him straight, he blushes as Ymir’s crush (I forgot her name) rips of her skirt. Must marry her he says. Anyway, I thought that specific choice of dialogue was very well written and hides their identities even further. I mean what I’m saying is,  they sprinkled on something so subtle, and then they shadowed it with a straight thing. I mean I don’t mind if Reiner is gay or not whatever, it’s fine. I’m just always more for the idea of LGTBQ characters in my animus.

Reiner saves Conny from a Titan by carrying it on his back and Ymir finally pushes it off the window. Why did everyone else just stand there like idiots. Push the thing out the window!

Great episode, and the cliffhanger was great as well! The 3DMG animation was spectacular like always in this episode. It’s a little bit more talkative, but I’m sure things will pick up soon. Maybe we’ll get to see what’s inside Eren’s basement. But only in the final moments of the last episode. I don’t know probably?


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