Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor – 01

To be honest show’s like this don’t really interest me all that much. I thought it was going to be full of fan service and censor lines. But I was wrong. Even if the first episode does go there, there’s really not much to worry about because the show makes up for it with unique laughs.

The premise is as follow’s, a young teacher is placed as a substitute in a prestigious academy for magical arts. He takes the job because he’s tired of freeloading. And comes highly recommended.

The show is quick to introduce it’s main character’s and tell you what kind of person’s they are. Of course our teacher seems smug and confident, but proves to be the opposite during this first episode. He’s quickly established as the slacker teacher. But that’s okay, by the end of the episode you’ll come to understand this is a show to watch. Even if you don’t like fan service, I would tell you to put up with it because the rest of the show is full of laughs and funny moments.

I wouldn’t describe it as magical and jaw dropping, but certainly learning about the magic and this world is interesting enough and will keep you hooked for the duration of the 25 minutes. The show has meh animation, with some good great moment’s sprinkled here and there. I would also suggest watching the first two episodes and then deciding if you want to watch the rest of them.


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