The Royal Tutor – 04

Oh goodness. This show is such a wonderful show full of happiness and joy. Nothing can take it away from me. This episode all the prince’s go to town, nothing really happens, but they go shopping. Each buys whatever items suits their personality, but it was chock full of heartwarming moments. Even Licht decided to help someone else other than his own. Throughout the episode the prince’s gather a secret towards the tutor but non the less at the end it is reveled the wonderful surprise that they were harboring for him.

What a wonderful truly heartwarming show. I caught my heart fluttering over the character’s, and at the end how they treated the tutor was just so heartwarming and amazing. I think I’m love. Of course Kai continues to be my wonderful baby, I need him in my life, and the rest of them are slowly but surely warming up to me. I’m sure by the end of the series I’ll love all of them. The royal tutor continues to be a show I’m excited to watch every week. If you hated the character’s like me, well I love them now. But I love Kai the most.


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