Room Mate – 02

Hold on, excuse me? EXCUSE ME ?!

Rock climber dude, best dude.

Okay, so this episode the ending was uhm.. Explicit?! I’m not necessarily made uncomfortable by lewd or echii stuff. But this was a first. Basically all the guys magically lost their clothes and they were naked sitting around with each other. Okay, what!? Maybe I just didn’t pay attention last episode.

I mean to each their own, but oh my god this series just got intense.

Oh goodness. This episode we see how rock climber dude is struggling with his life because he is too good and he’s not interested in becoming a professional rock climber. But of course you cheer him on as you have a date with him on the rooftop.

I’m not in for this bullshit! He was my favorite of them all. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!

I wonder if each episode is going to deal with each character. Well I’m skipping the one with megane-kun because he still is a little shit, oh and the other one as well. Can we just have the series be all about rock climber dude? Thank you.


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