Kado: The Right Answer – 03

And suddenly it got really good for me. Every time I watch an alien movie or something with aliens, I’m always thinking. Why are they here, what do they want? Kado seems to answer all of those questions right of the bat. How Yaha-kui zaShunina was able to communicate, and how he communicates through higher communication, why are they here and how did they get here and why specifically did they decide to land in this specific area. All of the questions answered in this episode. Sometimes it’s hard to answer all of the questions because you take away some of the mystery of the show but I think in the end it managed to still have mystery while answer some of my burning questions.

But you know that’s just some of the power’s of this show. I felt like this episode the animation was not so jarring, maybe they got their shit together and finally figured out what type of animation they’ll use. I mean the 2D to 3D pop was still there, but not as notorious. Anyway, I loved this episode, for all the weirdness that was going down and also all the explaining they did.


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