My Hero Academia – 16

Midoriya is actually really cool in this episode.

The episode start’s with a little flashback to last week, but as soon as things get started they go really smoothly. Everything about this episode was absolutely brilliant. I especially loved how they decided to tone the explosions pink instead of having them be the normal explosion we see in every other anime. Not also that but the relationship between the commentators is just so funny to me. Personally I find training arcs to be a bit boring. This arc being a glorified version of when Midoriya has to prove himself to other and to the world. But actually how it’s being presented here is very interesting and each episode ends in a cliffhanger. So I’m really excited to see what happens next, as the anime will soon catch up to what I’ve read so far in the manga.

Also when they make the gag about recycling quirks, that was in the manga too! And how super fast thigh boy goes, I have to show my brother how cool I am And then the commentators go. That’s so uncool. Love it. 🙂

I must point out that the animation has been so good, it’s so silky smooth and buttery and just great. I love watching this show because it doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s like you sit down and you enjoy it. But that animation is by far one of the best this seasons.

Also red hair is my son! Yes in each series I have a son deal with it. But I don’t know his name! He’s just red hair for me. 😛 Anyway this show seriously can’t get any better. It’s already top 3 for this season.


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