The Royal Tutor – 03

Not much has happened. But I think Leonhard is less of an asshole now. I mean he was a little shit before, but now that I know why he always ran away and why he is the way he is. Well I think he’s better now. Like I like him better. The other characters for me are just a little meh.

And Kai is still my baby boy. I love him so. 10/10 Must protect this innocent soul. But this episode made me curious for Haine sensei and where he comes from, how he knows so many things and is so good at them. But I don’t think I want to know. It’s what makes the show great. A character that adapts to the specific’s of each other it’s like a trope I didn’t know I needed. This show compliments well because of the dynamics of the Princess and how they interact with each other. Plus the ever abiding ability of the Haine sensei makes the show wonderful to watch. I think this is a true gem of Spring 17. Every season there’s a show that surprises me. I think this one the one for this season.

Also just saying Kai is my child must protect.


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