Attack on Titan S2 – 28

A second season of an anime done right? In my opinion yes.

My only complaint is that there have been three episodes and Eren Mikasa and Armin have gotten like zero screen time. But that doesn’t really matter. For the rest of the cast are actually really good and keep the plot moving forward. This show has always been about people, and how they are in extreme circumstances, and just how they deal with them. It’s never about the Titan’s it’s always about the people. It’s certainly not a melodramatic character piece but it does have enough charm and story to hook you in. Also mystery is a very big important thing in this show.

Anyway, this episode we get the return of potato girl, and she actually eats a potato. And some scared people on horses through the dark of night. Turns out the Titan’s are actually not breaking the walls but instead climbing them. Questions, Questions and more questions. Nothing is getting answered but that’s Attack on Titan for you. Instead we get the possible revelation of someone else might be a Titan! Just like Eren! This show is just full of mystery and watching week by week makes my knees weak. But I do love a good mystery and waiting for the whole show to finish airing would be very much a torture.

Also the walls are made of Titans? What? How?

On another note, praise for the animation of this show. Third episode and I haven’t seen a drop of quality, very good animators! Yay! I like that they’re taking their time to delve into each character and all their side story’s. But I really would like to see more of Eren, Mikasa and Armin.


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