Room Mate – 01

What the frickity frack didly wack criss cross fack is this shit !?

Hot rotten shit is what is it. Do you like anime where characters speak to you directly. Such as pillowboys. Well this is the show for you.

Let’s break down character archetypes. Because we all now they went for stereotypes instead of trying to create original and interesting characters.

From left to right. Your typical cute loving shojo type. Oh wait he’s an actor! So that’s new right.

The one in the middle. The strong silent type. He climbs rocks and is super strong ! Because he carries your pink luggage. Oh goody!

And the megane shit kun, he’s a shit! And I hate him because he think’s so good of himself as he walks out of the shower with nothing but a small towel on his hips. his pretentious little shit!



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