Attack on Titan – 31

Okay what, excuse me? This episode started out really talkative, and suddenly cranked out the intensity to eleven. Suddenly everything is reveled, the Titan from season one, the one from the very first episode’s. It was hiding in their midsts all along. How is it possible no one noticed. And also the armored Titan is Reiner, what, I’m just confused and confounded. Suddenly everything was crashing down and then Bam! The episode ended in the most cliffhanger of all cliffhanger’s ever. Eren transforms into a Titan and you are just left wondering what the hell happened. I really liked how they handled this episode. Apart from all the exposition in dialog. There wasn’t anything else going on. It wasn’t until the Titan’s showed up that things got awesome.

it’s like. You get to be a Titan and you get to be a Titan! Titan’s for everyone. 

Things are slowly coming together pieces of the puzzle that we needed are now being handed over to use in small bites. Something that is good because it still keeps you hooked and you get to enjoy the story.

I’ll talk about the CGi titan in a minute, but Mikasa was a badass, she was like a dog sniffing out the earthquake before it even happened. It was like suddenly she went off on the other dudes and started making accusations. I was just surprised at how quickly she reacted, it was still awesome. Like Eren I was baffled at her adversity. I kinda love her.

Now the CGI Titan, why o why o why. Was the team trying to cut down on production budget, becuse that CGI was terrible. And what I mean by that is they took budget and placed it on the Titan when they should have had someone hand drawn it. I mean it was still pretty cool but the effects were jarring and took me out of the experience. Japan tries to focus everything on a single tight rope. Every production line has to be managed, their mentality that everything has to be the same in every way, anime has to look like anime and CG anime has to look like CG anime. See the thing is, it’s only when you break the boundaries that have been set, the boundaries that everyone has grown accustomed too. Break the rules be bold, it’s just I can’t fadom that Japan seems to be stuck in the past when it comes to CG animation, they seem to be unable to grasp how it works. Apart from notable exceptions, but those use motion capture, so it’s not like it’s animation.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled enough. Have a good day! 😀


Attack on Titan – 30

I was getting a little worried about the pacing, but it seems everything should be fine now.

Christa and Ymir seemed to have a lot of backstory that they wanted to focus on, this week’s episode was exactly that. We focused on Christa and Ymir and their relationship. The things they knew about each other before, why they gave them so much screen time is beyond me. Creating more questions that answers. In the end Ymir dies due to possible blood loss (?) but truly a worthwhile episode.

In the end, the whole crew comes in and fight’s the Titan’s really bad ass like. Truly how it Attack on titan was meant to be. The fight between the servi-corps and the Titan’s was really cool.

Meanwhile, in the backstory, Eren and the crew are preparing for training as they go in their winter adventures. Ymir and Christa get lost and don’t know how to get back. Ymir uses her powers to take their injured friend down the mountain. But everything is fine now. I felt no emotion for Ymir, frankly she was always a character I never liked. She was apathetic and unlikable for me. But that’s just me, maybe someone else really likes her.

But okay I guess…

Christa doesn’t know a thing about her powers, Ymir tells her please leave to the fullest as you one day will. Because she is dead now! Christa reveals that her true name is Historia. But who is Historia to what king was she a daughter of. So many questions.

Kinda getting sick of all the questions, and kinda getting worried about the pacing as well. It’s good how well paced attack on titan is, but overall, as in the overarching plot, it’s actually very slow.

Kado: The Right Answer – 05

I’m really enjoying the depth of the story, it’s certainly a story about alien’s but not your typical story. I like how Yaha-kui zaShunina instantly knew who he was going to choose to find out how the Wam works. And he instantly knows what to do about that plan and how to make it work. I like how he’s really smart like that. Also humanity now has the potential to make Wam’s so everything is going to change. It’s a revolution like the prime minister said. I like that this is a political drama about aliens invading earth. I really like political dramas for some reason, especially if they’re well made.

War… War never changes. xD

Right, but this show certainly changed it up a little bit. The fact that Yaha-kui zaShunina comes with clear intention’s for humanity is quite refreshing, I’m kinda sick of the whole aliens come to invade earth and kill everything in it’s wake, I mean be a little bit more creative, you know?

Anyway, this show certainly has it’s good moment’s, but the pacing of the story and how quickly it’s advancing it really just a testament to the show itself, a political drama with good story and good pacing is just rare to find. Plus watching it week by week, give’s me the perfect opportunity to concoct idea’s in my head theories about what’s going to happen next in the story. The show doesn’t necessarily give a cosmic horror vibe to it, more like a sophisticated horror to it. Yet it’s not horror per say, it’s certainly cosmic though. The technology and the refreshing ideas behind it make it a great watch, week by week episode by episode.

As to what actually happened in the episode, Yaha-kui zaShunina leaves Shindo with the scientist girl to discover how the Wam works and he goes with the prime minister to to give him details that convince him to give all the Wam to the UN, of course Japan knows that the Wam is an infinite resource, thing’s that not everyone understand’s, they hold a press conference to tell the world about this, the subtle details like how the prime minister says, that given the press of the situation they are going to give full internet access to the media, meaning they can upload the conference to the internet, something that the USA is not to happy about. If everyone has the Wam, it’s a super race to become the next superpower. I really like that they seemed to have debated the script before writing ,if anything this show has really good writing.

The Royal Tutor – 05

This show is so beautiful so pure so precious. Of course everyone keeps being their same old self’s but this time Licht has to perform better on the exam they took at the beginning, since he’s not really good at studying his dad, the king, decides it would be best to give him a 3 day ultimatum, if he doesn’t get a 60 or above, he’s not fit to be king anymore. So the royal tutor get’s to tutoring him during the afternoon. The great thing is that everyone pitch’s in and helps him study, giving him tips and being really nice to him. They find way’s to make him understand like sub-track 250 chocolate pies and see how many he has left. Things like that. But under pressure he’s not able to tell you how much is 1+1,

Anyway, this show is just the best I continue to love it. It’s just so much fun to watch, I keep finding myself having a blast with this show. Also I’m alway surprised when the middle point of the show, is placed on screen. Meaning I don’t even see the time, it just fly’s by. That’s actually a good thing it means the pacing of the show is really quick, even though it might feel like it’s not quick.

Of course shananings ensue and everyone makes fun of Licht. But it’s all lighthearted humor, and that’s okay that’s actually one of the strong suites of the show. Also Kai is my child. Protect him at all cost!

Also before you go, the King and the Royal tutor have some kind of mystery together, and they used to drink the night away. So my theory is! They are all adopted, and the royal tutor and the king are gay for each other.

hahah as if. ,D

My Hero Academia – 18

Oh Goody more of this!

This is one of those show’s I’m actually getting excited to watch every week, for some reason I’m getting really fidgety about the other shows, like with my thesis and work I only have time to watch my favorites. Since this comes out on Saturday it’s one of those show that I’m really getting into. The intro, the short story explanation everything is just in the right place for me to be pumped about watching it. I even do a little dance and sing the intro song. Non the less the cavalry battle comes to an end.

There was one thing that was going to happen for sure, and that was Deku advancing to the next stage, I mean he has to! He’s the main character. Everyone else can just suck it. But Deku is able to maintain his 10 ballilion point headband right until the very last second, when the bastard with rocket power legs uses his super fast speed to snatch the headband from Deku and claim the 10 ballilion points. Then only like 10 seconds remain and Deku goes forward and grabs a headband from him but it’s only 70 points. Finally the battle ends and it’s reveled who won first and who won 4th. The scarecrow reveals he took just enough points for them to be placed in 4th. It’s just a sigh of relief. Thank goodness Deku passes on to the next stage.

It’s kinda a running motif for the series, give Deku something really good and then take it away from him, in the process he is able to prove himself not only to us but to himself. Like this was the first episode he used one for all and was able to control it. He concentrated it into all of his arm and nothing was broken. I was more excited about that to be honest. And now it also seems like Deku has a new rival, it’s summer/winter guy. Deku is just making enemies left and right. Why can’t he make friends. Everyone is so competitive. I feel like they just need to chill a little bit.

Kado: The Right Answer – 04

This show get’s more and more interesting with each episode. I think this show is perfect to watch in a weekly fashion, mostly because it’s a slow paced show, but it’s premise is actually really interesting. Before the episode even started I was wondering what was going to happen with the rest of the world and how are they reacting to this alien invasion. And the episode delivered. We got to see diplomatic activity within the UN, and Yaha-kui zaShunina opinion on what countries are. Which of course are a understated concept for him. Only makes me wonder what kind of place his homeland is. Not only that it was kinda funny to see how Yaha-kui zaShunina interact’s with our human technology.

The episode itself was a little slow, but that didn’t stopped me from enjoying the episode as a whole. Also I really want to see more of this UN debating action. Of course during the course of the negotiation’s the UN decides that Japan should give up all of their acquired WAM to the UN, and the UN will know what to do with it. But of course that’s not what Kado want’s. What he want’s is for everyone to have the WAM. So what does he do? He contact the crazy doctor who will help him make humanity understand and use the WAM for good! Humanity is so stupid, like we get infinite power from a god like alien and we don’t know what to do with it! And that’s just how it is. I like how this show is constantly surprising me, taking it’s concept’s in a straightforward direction rather than trying to be all action and movie like. Aliens are invading us! Let’s attack them back!

Great job humanity.