Kado: The Right Answer – 04

This show get’s more and more interesting with each episode. I think this show is perfect to watch in a weekly fashion, mostly because it’s a slow paced show, but it’s premise is actually really interesting. Before the episode even started I was wondering what was going to happen with the rest of the world and how are they reacting to this alien invasion. And the episode delivered. We got to see diplomatic activity within the UN, and Yaha-kui zaShunina opinion on what countries are. Which of course are a understated concept for him. Only makes me wonder what kind of place his homeland is. Not only that it was kinda funny to see how Yaha-kui zaShunina interact’s with our human technology.

The episode itself was a little slow, but that didn’t stopped me from enjoying the episode as a whole. Also I really want to see more of this UN debating action. Of course during the course of the negotiation’s the UN decides that Japan should give up all of their acquired WAM to the UN, and the UN will know what to do with it. But of course that’s not what Kado want’s. What he want’s is for everyone to have the WAM. So what does he do? He contact the crazy doctor who will help him make humanity understand and use the WAM for good! Humanity is so stupid, like we get infinite power from a god like alien and we don’t know what to do with it! And that’s just how it is. I like how this show is constantly surprising me, taking it’s concept’s in a straightforward direction rather than trying to be all action and movie like. Aliens are invading us! Let’s attack them back!

Great job humanity.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor – 02

Hey the fan-service is not all that bad. This episode certainly had it’s fare share of it, but it was justified, I guess ?

Finally in the second episode of the series we get to see how truly amazing the professor is. In term’s of magical power’s he’s out of this world and can even put spells on cards, of course to a disadvantage, we all learned that the White Cat’s best friend is a princess of some sorts. And the thugs need her for some kind of something. idk?

Anyway, our professor guy was amazing this episode throwing punches left and right and just being plainly a really great guy. He’s taking his classes seriously now, he really did a full 360 in a just a short amount of time. The best friend really talked some sense into him. I think I’m going to continue watching this show because of how funny it is. Not a lot of anime makes me laugh out loud, but this one did. Of course the fan-service moment’s make me really uncomfortable but hey I’ll put up with them.

I wish there was an anime with good plot but instead guy’s fondled their dicks with each other… Am I asking too much? Probably. (ajjaja it was a joke)

Here is a mako if that made you feel uncomfortable.

Non the less, the world and the magic and everything in this world is quite interesting and I think you should give it a go, because it’s actually really fun to watch, the cast is a mix between male and female, so it’s not like it’s a harem or anything. Don’t worry about that, I would most definitely stopped watching if that was the case. But it’s not, so go watch this show if you haven’t already, but be ready for a sit down kinda show. What I mean is, you sit down and actually have to pay attention to detail and the plot. But once you get into the first episode you’ll be fully submerged in the world. You know how some anime’s take a couple of episodes to draw you in. Well just watch the first one and you’ll know with this one.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor – 01

To be honest show’s like this don’t really interest me all that much. I thought it was going to be full of fan service and censor lines. But I was wrong. Even if the first episode does go there, there’s really not much to worry about because the show makes up for it with unique laughs.

The premise is as follow’s, a young teacher is placed as a substitute in a prestigious academy for magical arts. He takes the job because he’s tired of freeloading. And comes highly recommended.

The show is quick to introduce it’s main character’s and tell you what kind of person’s they are. Of course our teacher seems smug and confident, but proves to be the opposite during this first episode. He’s quickly established as the slacker teacher. But that’s okay, by the end of the episode you’ll come to understand this is a show to watch. Even if you don’t like fan service, I would tell you to put up with it because the rest of the show is full of laughs and funny moments.

I wouldn’t describe it as magical and jaw dropping, but certainly learning about the magic and this world is interesting enough and will keep you hooked for the duration of the 25 minutes. The show has meh animation, with some good great moment’s sprinkled here and there. I would also suggest watching the first two episodes and then deciding if you want to watch the rest of them.

Room Mate – 03


Okay so rock climbing dude had like one line, WTF ?! And this other dude was all like, I wanna be more dependent on you. Oh right and of course you cook food for them because you can’t stand them eating convenience store food anymore. What are you doing? Let them starve! And only cook for rock climbing dude, he’s the best dude! The other’s are just pretentious little shits! Knock them out, you have no competition.

Actor-kun is just so pretentious and he tries to be nice but in reality he has a deep secret and that’s why you should stay away from him. Meanwhile meganekun doesn’t know what’s wrong with life, he doesn’t have it hard so he’s unreliable as well. Meanwhile Rock climbing dude works hard and knows hardship you can see it if you stare behind his eyes! So he’s the better one, he won’t leave you went things get rough, but whatever, it’s your choice.

Why are you trying to get together with the other dude’s you are seriously so stupid. Whatever, you know megane-kun is up next~degozaru.

Attack on Titan – 29


Frankly I’m getting a little bit tired of all of these mystery’s!

But whatever it’s Attack on Titan, it’s premise is based on mystery. So Ymir is a Titan, but did she knew she was a Titan? How did she learn she could become a Titan. Nothing was hinted! Or maybe it was and I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, we have other things to discuss. When Reiner comes in contact with that mid class Titan, I was screaming and shouting at the top of my lungs, Don’t Die! Don’t Kill Him! It just seemed like they were trying to kill Reiner with all their might. Also is Reiner gay or what?

There’s an exchange between him and Ymir, You don’t seem to be interested in girls. She says to Reiner, and I mean we all know Ymir is gay. That much is obvious.

To Which he responds. Well you don’t seem to be interested in guy’s either. They are talking about themselves through each other in third person. But then the anime tries so hard to make him straight, he blushes as Ymir’s crush (I forgot her name) rips of her skirt. Must marry her he says. Anyway, I thought that specific choice of dialogue was very well written and hides their identities even further. I mean what I’m saying is,  they sprinkled on something so subtle, and then they shadowed it with a straight thing. I mean I don’t mind if Reiner is gay or not whatever, it’s fine. I’m just always more for the idea of LGTBQ characters in my animus.

Reiner saves Conny from a Titan by carrying it on his back and Ymir finally pushes it off the window. Why did everyone else just stand there like idiots. Push the thing out the window!

Great episode, and the cliffhanger was great as well! The 3DMG animation was spectacular like always in this episode. It’s a little bit more talkative, but I’m sure things will pick up soon. Maybe we’ll get to see what’s inside Eren’s basement. But only in the final moments of the last episode. I don’t know probably?

My Hero Academia – 17

This show continues to deliver on great episodes. I think I’ve managed to figure out what makes a great show. If you think about it, not a lot of things happen during the episode. I mean I’m not taking about the pace, rather, how much stuff actually happens. Rather, the episodes build to a cliffhanger and end on it. Leaving you wanting more and coming back next episode. That’s the important part, it’s great writing.

Non the less during this episode Midiyora discovers that no one wants to be with him because he’s worth a million bucks, I mean points. Not only until Ochako comes up to him and ask’s to form a team. Such a brave act on her part. They then start forming a team, of course Tenya delivers a powerful moment describing himself as Midiyora’s new rival. The Cavalry battle starts, while everyone tries to go for Midiyora, the B class student’s grab just enough points to survive. Everyone is shocked at their strategy

I just hope the animators or not being overworked.

My Hero Academia continues to be a strong contender for the Spring 2017 Anime Lineup!

The Royal Tutor – 04

Oh goodness. This show is such a wonderful show full of happiness and joy. Nothing can take it away from me. This episode all the prince’s go to town, nothing really happens, but they go shopping. Each buys whatever items suits their personality, but it was chock full of heartwarming moments. Even Licht decided to help someone else other than his own. Throughout the episode the prince’s gather a secret towards the tutor but non the less at the end it is reveled the wonderful surprise that they were harboring for him.

What a wonderful truly heartwarming show. I caught my heart fluttering over the character’s, and at the end how they treated the tutor was just so heartwarming and amazing. I think I’m love. Of course Kai continues to be my wonderful baby, I need him in my life, and the rest of them are slowly but surely warming up to me. I’m sure by the end of the series I’ll love all of them. The royal tutor continues to be a show I’m excited to watch every week. If you hated the character’s like me, well I love them now. But I love Kai the most.